Ideal venue for all of your celebrations.

The restaurant is perfect for hosting all kinds of business events (seminars, conferences), company anniversary events, wedding parties, birthday parties, etc

*Note: We can create special menu acording to your choice.

Open bar (domestic drinks):

- Pear brandy, Quince brandy, Apricot brandy, Plum brandy, Grape brandy, Vinjak, Vodka, Pelinkovac, Gin, Vermouth;
- Coca-Cola, Fanta, Bitter lemon, Tonic, Sprite, Apple juice, Apricot juice, Orange juice, Peach juice, Blueberry juice;
- Jelen beer, Lav beer, BG beer Zajecarsko beer
- full offer of Rubin, Tikves, and Plantaze liter wines

Download Menu and table layout